You Can Call Me Grandma

It has been a year now since I took on this awesome new name.  Oh, I know I’m not your only Grandma.  That’s ok.  We can share the name.

You and I spend lots of time together now.  I get to take care of you three days a week.  I imagine that you think it’s me coming every time you hear the doorbell ring.  I know, for certain that, when you see me, you give me the biggest smile and my heart melts a little each time.  I decided that now was a good time to start to document the things we do together because you have just started walking…a little and I can see already that we are going to have to have a plan!  That’s the teacher in me, I guess.  You see I wasn’t always a Grandma.  I was actually a teacher so I sure hope you like to learn new things because I still like to teach.

I am going to start this blog with some things we have enjoyed together already and then I will update it has you and I grow and learn together.

Time for the fun to begin.


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