Walking, Walking, Walking

What do you do with a baby all day long?  Sure, you would sleep a good deal but you were also awake for many hours during my “shift”.  So…what to do with a baby who can’t walk.

Well, that’s what strollers are made for, right?  And, I’ve known since my kids were young that fresh air is good for all of us.  And exercise is good for grandmas.

So, we hit the road (er, sidewalk) often.

Early in the spring, we would walk to mom’s work.  She would know we were there with a photo of you taken from right outside her office and sent to her via text message.  Your little face made her smile every time.

And we would go to the swing park as soon as you could sit up by yourself.

IMG_0931 IMG_0932

But the first summer, one of our favorite places to go every Tuesday was the food carts close to mom’s work.  She and some of her friends would join us too.  One day was a really hot day and our favorite food cart wasn’t there (Roll MKE) so we had to settle for other things.  A fruit smoothie seemed perfect for the day and oh my, you loved it!



It was a magical messy event!  We all loved it! IMG_1905

Over the summer, we walked and walked.  As the fall season came upon us, I wanted to be outside as much as possible.  Walks to the lake were a big, big hit because at the end of the walk was a whole store of kites.  So, the blanket went down and we just sat there and enjoyed the warmth of the days and the beauty of the kites.

IMG_5348Love, Love, Love IMG_5349            The next post will capture all of the great outdoors that we found this first year.  You definitely had lots of experiences.  We need to get all caught up on year one before I start blogging about our current day to day activities.

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