Time For A Fieldtrip

What are we going to do today, Grandma?  I’m kind of tired of just hanging around.


I’ve played and played with my toys. Aren’t you bored?  I’m bored.  Let’s get out of here!


Ok, so I understand that you’re bored but you have had a cold.  Where could we go where you would be warm?  Where could we go where you wouldn’t be able to spread your germs to others?  Your mom had a great suggestion:  “Why don’t you go to the Domes.  What a great idea!  So off to the Mitchell Domes we went.

On with your winter coat and hat, packed up the extras that we might need, just in case.  And away we wentw.  The drive…11 minutes 🙂

There are three separate domes that are supposed to showcase different environments, however, we were told right away that one of them was closed for replanting.  So, our choices were the Tropical Dome and the Desert Dome.  Both were warm.  Perfect.

We hit the Tropical Dome first and you loved the waterfall and the fish.

image image image

After studying both for awhile, I figured it was time to wander over to the Desert Dome.  You weren’t all that impressed with that one. In fact you thought things looked a little dead. 🙂

image image

So back to the fish, we went.



The best part, for me, was watching your hair get wavy in that humidity.  We were there for only an hour and a half but we managed to get you some fresh air and change up the environment a little.

Oh, and this is sign language for “Flower”.


Either that or your nose was running.

imageTime to head back home.  Another great day with the little man.

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