Opinionated, Stubborn and So Darn Cute!


It’s time to eat.  You say you’re ready. Bring it on, Grandma.  I’m hungry.

So into the chair you go.  You are busy learning the skill of feeding yourself so, trust me, the bib is necessary! It has this cool pocket at the bottom that catches all kinds of treasures for you to find later and it also works as a great…


eye shield for playing “Peek-a-Boo!

Playing games while eating is part of it all, isn’t it?  In the beginning of eating (solid foods), you ate anything brought your way. As time has passed, though, you have opinions about this stuff called “food”.

 IMG_7137 For instance, you love blueberries.  One after another, after another.  Keep ’em coming Grandma.  Blueberries make me very happy. But then there’s…


that other stuff that you try to sneak into my mouth.  What is that stuff anyway? Are you kidding me?  People eat that stuff?

IMG_7159 IMG_7160 IMG_7161

Well, sometimes you like it. Really you do!  It just depends on the day…or the moment, actually. 🙂 But, you get so dramatic!

And then, you do that thing that you know Grandma hates.  You discreetly, or not so discreetly…


drop it on the floor.  Oh-oh.

Then, you give it that look like: Hmmm, I don’t know how that happened.

IMG_7139 IMG_7138

And then you do this…


  I try to stay firm telling you that dropping food on the floor is wrong.  You know the sign language for “All Done” but it seems much more entertaining to bat your eyelashes at me and that look simply makes my heart melt.

Game over.  You won.

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