Come On Baby…Maybe Grandma Needs A Nap

imageIt’s been a full day, little one. We’ve played, read books, went for a walk, spent time at a “dance class”, had breakfast, lunch, and a snack. What we haven’t managed to make happen is a nap!  Now Grandma is ready for a rest.  I tried putting you to bed and firmly left with a quick “Have a good sleep.”  You drank a bottle, played with your nuks, and chattered away for awhile but sleep was not part of this time spent in your bed.  So, I got you up and  we played some more, read some more books and walked to the grocery store and back.  Still, no sleep in those eyes.  Maybe if I let you watch me rest, you will get the idea.

imageI tell you what, little one.  I’ll just sit here and have you sit in your Pack and Play.  I’ll even give you another bottle and your nuk.  There you go.  Just relax. It’s good for you. Little boys need down time.  It helps those dendrites, you know.  So just lay  back for awhile. Drink in the good life.

There you go. That’s the idea.
Maybe sleep will come.
Oh-oh. Whoops! Don’t stand up. You can’t sleep standing up.
This definitely doesn’t look like you are resting.
“Ok, Grandma. I’m rested.”
“I’m ready to get out of here.”
“Here, you can drink this if you want.”



Needless to say.  There was no sleeping.  It’s a good thing you’re so cute!  Maybe sleep in overrated.  Love you, little man.  I can rest tomorrow.

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