Will You Remember?

I sit at home now filled with memories
Of the days I spent with you
Of all the moments that happened
All the things we got to do.

And I wonder…

Will you remember  
Your pre-school graduation day?
The balloons and the banner
To make it special some way? 

Will you remember that cardboard box
That got rearranged into a clubhouse space?
Or running from room to room
In some crazy made up race?

You learned how to squeeze toothpaste
On your brush by yourself
But then you were the one to show me
Where mama kept things on each shelf.

Who got the wettest
In the water balloon fight?
How many times did I check on you
Before you fell asleep at night?

Will you remember laughing
About all that pizza cheese?
Would you want to go again?
I’m guessing you’d say “Yes, please!”

Will you remember mixing paints
To make a color just so?
I thought for sure you’d teach me
How to draw a bird before I had to go.

I woke this morning, feeling a little hand 
Laying softly on top of mine.
I wanted to touch it
For just a little more time.

Forgive me if I linger
On the memories of each day. 
I’m just hoping you’ll remember too
That time that Grandma came to stay?

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