Days With Grandma


I am a new grandma.  I raised two girls and remember being in awe of how little moments became so precious.  During each stage, I wanted my girls to stay that size, that age.  But then the next stage brought such joy so it was easy to move on.  Now since the birth of my first grandson, I have the awesome opportunity to relive those days again.  I take care of him three days a week so I get to watch him change and grow and I can actually be a part of teaching him the next thing.  As a former teacher, I know how important developmental stages are and I know that you have to provide a balance between allowing a child to stay in their comfort zone and providing the gentle push to take the next step.  I want to share my experiences here as a memory for my grandson but also perhaps to share ideas with other parents or grandparents who have this same incredible opportunity. So join me and my grandson on our adventures together.